The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm. There were 7 in attendance. Reports were read and approved. If weather permits, the last ride of the season will be September 29 otherwise we’ll do a No Ride Tuesday. The Safety Officer was not present but Ann suggested that we dress appropriately for the weather and watch for fallen leaves.

Nominations were held. Joe was nominated for president and he accepted. Ann was nominated as vice president and she accepted. There was a white ballot for treasurer and secretary. Is Mark taking over the PR responsibilities if Johnny no longer wants that job? Perhaps the Ride Coordinator and PR position could be two different positions. We tend to think of them as one since Johnny did them so well. Ann and Joe, along with Cathy and Mike, met to discuss revisions to our new/interested member information. A couple action items were identified. Joe and/or Ann will find out if we can use the template for the brochure that was created by the Central Chapter. Also, do we have any qualified web page designers in our little group? A web page for our chapter might be a good idea.

We could not have had a better day for the End of Summer Campout ride! There were 14 people in attendance – 10 riders with 4 co-riders. Of course, Glen planned a terrific ride. May I please request this weather all winter…please? Motion to adjourn 7:25 pm.