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August 2017

I am sending this from beautiful Cass Lake MN. I know, you are thinking how could I spend a weekend doing something other than riding our beloved Wings. Well, depending on how you think, there are other things to do in the summer other than putting miles on our bikes. But, that will resume on Tuesday and next weekend, I can't wait!!

We are now anxiously awaiting the next motorcycle adventures, when we will be tripping to beautiful Colorado, then the Fall color run, nothing but fun ahead for all of us, except for the nomination and election of new officers for our chapter. This month, we'll nominate them, and elect in September, and we will need to move our meeting date for September, details to follow. 

Then on to the next order of business which will be the annual planning meeting. Don't be shy, add your ideas for the club to participate in, rides for next year, winter activities etc. We will look forward to your input!! 

Time to fish, have a good week. 


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Chapter President | Bob Kelley
Chapter Vice President | Chuck Hallerman
Chapter Secretary | Brian Nelson
Chapter Treasurer | Jeanine Duff

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