Greetings Wing Rider,

Our Midwest members finally decided to return from sunny AZ or where ever they were snow-birding. Speaking from a commuter’s standpoint, it wasn’t all that bad of a winter!  (I gauge that by how many 6 hours round trip commutes I had to work and back!)

The big thing our club is planning now is the Winter Mixer which is scheduled for February 27 & 28, 2016.  We will be reserving rooms at the Days Inn, Hutchinson with the Theme “Arizona – Wish We Were There!”  More on the details as they become available.

Lots of rides are scheduled for the summer for those who are able to get away and go.  The updated scheduled should be posted on this website or contact me and I will send you the latest schedule.

Enjoy your summer rides but always remember to drive defensively whether in a vehicle or motorcycle.
Keep the rubber side down.

Jan Johnson